Does My Homeowners Policy Cover Garage Door Damage Caused By My Car?

People often wonder whether or not their home insurance covers their autos while they are in their driveway. In simple terms, the answer is no, they don’t. This holds true even if a falling tree, fire, flooding, or hail cause the damage. Rather, the comprehensive portion of your homeowner’s insurance will cover these perils.

Because it’s a part of the home, garage door damage is covered under standard policies. If you accidentally back into the garage door with your car, the damage should be covered depending on a few circumstances. If you have an attached garage, coverage is provided under the dwelling coverage. If the garage is detached, it will be covered by other structures coverage, requiring a supplemental policy added to an existing one. If home insurance doesn’t cover the garage doors, you can file a claim with your car insurance company.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Damage to Garages?

Your insurance will not cover a fallen tree that hits your garage belonging to you. However, if a neighbor has a tree fall on your garage, the neighbor’s policy is likely to cover it if you can prove that their negligence is responsible for the tree.

If Goods Are Stolen From My Auto, Will My Insurance Cover the Losses

Your home policy will cover replacement costs for goods stolen from your vehicle, whether it’s garaged or not, but only up to the property coverage limits the policy entails. A few inclusions are golf clubs, laptops, and other possessions taken during a vehicle break-in. Once you pay the deductible, the remaining balance is paid by your policy.

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Optional Coverage for Your Classic Automobile

A standard classic car insurance policy offers basic protection for your cherished vehicle against theft and damage. But did you know that several optional coverage types can give your classic car the comprehensive shield it truly deserves? Let’s take a closer look at these extended coverage types for classic automobiles.

Coverage for Spare Parts and Tools

Your classic car insurance is not limited to the vehicle alone. It can cover spare parts and tools. Owning additional parts and tools can come quite in handy. Hence, covering these items becomes essential. This coverage type steps in to replace or repair any stolen or damaged materials.

Coverage for Disabled Vehicle

This optional coverage can be invaluable if your classic car breaks down. The coverage pays for towing, gas, oil, and other essentials needed to revive your vehicle. If you drive your classic car long distances, having disabled vehicle coverage is worth considering.

Coverage for Vehicle Under Construction

If you’re in the process of restoring or repairing your vehicle, coverage for the vehicle under construction can be beneficial. It increases the cover amount while you restore your vehicle, protecting new and used automotive parts during the process.

Memorabilia Coverage

This coverage protects unique items like mirrors, visors, rims, emblems, and other custom parts you’ve purchased for your classic vehicle. Before opting for this coverage, it’s recommended that you inventory the memorabilia you own, record the information, and keep it with your insurance paperwork.

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We just reviewed various add-on coverages to supplement your classic automobile policy. If any have piqued your interest, contact an agent at Marla Williams Agency. One of our highly experienced Kansas-based agents would be delighted to explain these classic insurance add-ons to you.

Umbrella Insurance for High-Net Worth Individuals

The Importance of Umbrella Insurance for High-Net-Worth Households

At the Marla Williams Agency, which serves all of Kansas, we have noticed that households with high net worth often need umbrella insurance policies. Juries frequently levy significant awards against affluent individuals in negligence cases.

What are the Possible Situations that Can Lead to Large Jury Awards?

Several scenarios could potentially lead to significant jury awards against affluent individuals: – Your child may cyberbully another child online, and the child’s parent might sue you. – A dinner party at your house with numerous guests can lead to an accident, such as someone slipping on an iced surface. – Involvement in a high-speed crash after having had a few too many drinks can result in injuries or death of the other driver. While ordinary homeowner or auto insurance policies can cover you in these situations, you should confirm this coverage with your agent at the Marla Williams Agency. However, these policies could potentially have a limit as low as $500,000 in Kansas.

Need for Umbrella Insurance

You can acquire umbrella insurance that protects you for jury judgments up to $5,000,000, but remember, Kansas juries sometimes award more than that. To circumvent the devastating financial consequences of a significant jury award, you must have an umbrella insurance policy tailored to your unique needs. We at the Marla Williams Agency are here to help you find the right policy, one that can offer you protection upwards of $100,000,000.

Umbrella insurance becomes crucial if you sponsor charity or political events at your home, serve on boards of directors, rent your home for special events, own a personal athletic facility or swimming pool, or hire butlers, nannies, maids, or gardeners. Furthermore, households with teenagers need coverage for joint and several liabilities. This could mean that aggrieved parties can come after your wealth, even if other teenagers are also at fault in an incident alongside your child.

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Four Priorities When You’re Buying Classic Car Insurance

Unlike standard insurance that covers Blue Book value, a classic car insurance policy will protect the actual value of your vintage vehicle. These policies are designed to cover high-value vehicles that aren’t used for daily use. Marla Williams Agency in Kansas is here to assist you navigate this coverage.

When buying a policy, here are four priorities:

1. Choose a Policy With Agreed-Value Coverage

It’s wise to invest in an agreed-upon value policy versus an actual cash value policy to make sure you’re getting adequate coverage. Agree-value policies ensure that you won’t be compensated much less than your auto, as depreciation isn’t factored in.

2. Include Inflation Protection

Should the agreed value of your classic car be totaled, inflation protection will cover the adjusted amount. This ensures that you’ll receive a definite monetary value back rather than the original agreed-upon value.

3. Know Any Mileage Limits Included In Your Policy

Quite a few classic auto insurance policies have mileage limitations. For example, you might only be allowed to drive the vehicle within a certain number of miles during a set period to keep the policy in effect. Knowing these limitations helps ensure that you don’t go beyond them and ultimately lose coverage.

4. Get Customizations & Modifications Covered

If you make customized changes, modifications, or upgrades to your classic car, be sure to let your agent know. This allows your agent to include any increases in value to your agreed-upon value, and this can affect your bottom line payout should the vehicle get stolen, damaged, or totaled.

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If you want to get personalized attention to put an ideal custom car insurance policy for your classic vehicle, we’re here to help. Just contact the Marla Williams Agency in Kansas, and we’ll get you the coverage you need.


Does auto insurance follow the driver or the car in Kansas?

Anyone driving a vehicle in Kansas must have auto insurance. If you cannot prove financial responsibility in case of an accident, you can face serious civil and even criminal penalties. However, there may be some questions about whether you are covered when driving a particular vehicle. Marla Williams Agency can help answer your questions about who is covered by auto insurance.

Car Insurance Usually Follows the Car In Kansas

If you purchase auto insurance on your vehicle and you lend your vehicle to a friend with a license, that person is probably covered by your insurance. That includes your liability coverage, and it also includes your collision and comprehensive coverage if you have those.

Full Coverage

If you still owe money on your vehicle, your lender probably requires you to have full coverage auto insurance, which includes comprehensive and collision insurance. If you have full coverage, you also have minimum coverage that is higher than what the state requires.

  • Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if damage is caused by something other than a collision. If you hit a deer, or a tree falls on your car during a storm, comprehensive coverage is what will cover the damages.
  • Collision coverage repairs the damage to your own vehicle when you hit something. If you accidentally run into a fence or a tree, collision coverage protects you.

Call Today To Discuss Your Coverage

Kansas drivers have a lot of options when it comes to auto insurance. You are required to carry liability and personal injury protection, but there are other important protections you can take advantage of. If you would like to discuss your options, or if you have any questions about Kansas auto insurance, please feel free to call Marla Williams Agency today.

Small Business, Big Risks: Customizing Commercial Insurance

Running a small business is thrilling, but it comes with unique challenges and risks. As your partner in protection in Kansas, Marla Williams Agency delves into tailoring commercial insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), ensuring your business is safeguarded against the unexpected.

Customizing Commercial Insurance 

Every SME is unique, and so are its risks. Identifying specific vulnerabilities, from property damage to liability, is the initial step in crafting effective commercial insurance. A tailored approach ensures comprehensive coverage.

Unlike larger corporations, SMEs have nuanced insurance needs. A customized insurance plan takes into account the unique aspects of your business, offering protection that aligns with your size and industry. This prevents gaps in coverage and unnecessary expenses.

Commercial insurance for SMEs should include vital components like property insurance, liability coverage, and business interruption insurance, forming a strong foundation against common risks.

Employees are a valuable asset. Adequate coverage for workers’ compensation, health, and benefits is essential. Tailoring insurance to address employee-related risks ensures a secure working environment.

SMEs often operate on tight budgets. A tailored insurance approach allows businesses to maximize coverage within budget constraints, optimizing their insurance investment.

As your SME evolves, so should your insurance coverage. Regular policy reviews are vital to ensuring that your commercial insurance remains aligned with your business’s growth. This safeguards against underinsurance or overpayment.

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In the dynamic landscape of small business, a one-size-fits-all insurance approach falls short. Tailoring commercial insurance for SMEs is the key to navigating risks and fostering resilience. Understanding the unique challenges your business faces and customizing coverage empowers your SME with the protection it needs to thrive. If you’re looking for commercial insurance in Kansas, reach out to us at Marla Williams Agency to get started. 

What financial protection comes with a home insurance plan?

Buying and owning your home in the state of Kansas can prove to be a great idea. If you are going to purchase a property when you are here, you will want to know that you are properly insured. A primary advantage of home insurance is that it offers financial protection and support in various situations. There are different forms of financial protection in particular that can make it a good option. 

Liability Insurance Support

A form of financial protection that comes with home insurance is liability insurance. If you are an owner of a property, you could be named liable for a variety of accidents that happen on or off your property. If you are found liable, the cost of remediation can be significant. However, if you continue to maintain liability insurance through your home insurance plan, you will have some financial protection in these situations.

Asset Coverage

Another type of financial protection you will receive is support and coverage for your assets. When you own a home, you will have a big investment in your dwelling as well as investments in various personal assets. If you continue to maintain home insurance, you will receive financial support to repair or replace them if you incur a loss due to theft, certain forms of damage, or other covered claims.

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It will always be a good idea to get home insurance when you choose to buy a property in Kansas. When you are looking for the financial benefits that come with home coverage, it would be very smart to call our team with the Marla Williams Agency. Our insurance team with the Marla Williams Agency will take the necessary steps to ensure you get into the right insurance plan for your situation. This will give you comfort knowing that you have proper insurance in place. 

Do I need to have insurance on my classic car in Kansas before I have it road worthy?

There are a lot of reasons to own a classic car. Some people buy them because of the sense of nostalgia, reminding them of days gone by. Other people enjoy the community of classic car enthusiasts and the many fun events. Others simply like classic cars because they are beautiful. 

If you own a classic car in Kansas, you are in a special class.

You have something few people do, and you know when you drive your car that people are looking at you with envy. You obviously need insurance if you are driving on a public road in Kansas. But do you need to protect your vehicle before you have restored your vehicle to the point where you can drive it? Marla Williams Agency can answer all your questions and help you decide how much protection you need.

Classic car insurance tends to be less expensive than regular car insurance in Kansas because most people don’t drive their classic cars every day. Even when your vehicle is not on the road, there are other ways that your car could be damaged. Even if you keep your vehicle in a storage space or garage, there could be a fire or other disaster due to weather. Your vehicle could also be the victim of a crime if someone decides to vandalize your vehicle or steal it.

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Because of its value and because it is a motor vehicle, it is unlikely that your home insurance will cover damages if your classic car suffers damages while in storage. Even if you have not finished making your car roadworthy, you still need protection. If you have any questions or want to learn how reasonable classic car insurance can be, please call Marla Williams Agency today.

Is it a good idea to get an umbrella insurance plan?

Personal liability risk is something that needs to be taken seriously by all people. For those that are in the state of Kansas, there are various ways you can go about managing this risk. One of the most effective ways you can do this is by getting a proper umbrella insurance plan. There are various reasons why getting a new umbrella insurance plan is a good option for those in this state. 

Get Additional Coverage

One of the reasons you should have an umbrella insurance plan is so you can get additional coverage for situations that are covered by your home or auto plans. Most liability risks that people will face are covered by home or auto liability plans. However, those plans do have a coverage limit. When you invest in an umbrella insurance plan, you will have additional support that is on top of the existing policies. 

Protection for More Scenarios

It is also a good idea to have an umbrella insurance plan as it will provide protection for more scenarios. There are a lot of situations and scenarios that are not covered by other insurance plans. If you have a proper umbrella insurance plan, it will offer broader coverage. This will help ensure you are protected against liability risks that you may not already be aware of or be considering. 

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Umbrella insurance continues to be a great way for someone in the state of Kansas to offset any personal liability risks. As you are looking for this coverage here, you can begin the search by calling our team with the Marla Williams Agency. When you work with the Marla Williams Agency, you will learn much more about this type of coverage and can get the help necessary to build a new policy. 

What Makes Classic Cars So Appealing

There’s no doubt about it, classic cars draw the eye and can get the heart beating. Head to a classic car show or cruise night, and you’ll often catch plenty of people taking in the sights and sounds. Many famous celebrities also own extensive classic car collections. Given how valuable these collectible cars are, you can bet they insure those collections with classic car insurance. Get in touch with Marla Williams Agency, serving Kansas, to discuss classic car insurance policies.

Yet why are classic cars so valuable in the first place? Let’s explore some possibilities.

Classic Cars Are Part of History

People simply love history, and many different types of collectible antiques are popular. Museums, likewise, have been set up largely to allow people to peer back in history. Classic cars, meanwhile, are part of automotive history. Often, the most valuable classic cars are those, like the Chevrolet C1 Corvette, that played a pivotal role in shaping automotive history. If you own such a piece of history, it’s wise to protect it with classic car insurance.

Classic Cars Reflect Culture

Check out your favorite classic movies, and there’s a good chance you’ll spot some of your favorite classic cars. The 1974 film “Gone in 60 Seconds,” featured a 40-minute car chase starring a 1971 Ford Mustang nicknamed Eleanor. At the end of the day, many cars are simply cool, and that makes classic autos classic cool.

They Can be Great Investments

No more 1967 Dodge Darts are going to be manufactured. While many tens of thousands of them were once assembled, that stock has steadily declined over the years. Rarity often pushes value up, so classic Dodge Darts and other classic cars have slowly become more valuable with time.

If you have or are looking to invest in a classic car in Kansas, you’ll want to take out classic car insurance. Contact Marla Williams Agency to learn more.