Does auto insurance follow the driver or the car in Kansas?

Anyone driving a vehicle in Kansas must have auto insurance. If you cannot prove financial responsibility in case of an accident, you can face serious civil and even criminal penalties. However, there may be some questions about whether you are covered when driving a particular vehicle. Marla Williams Agency can help answer your questions about who is covered by auto insurance.

Car Insurance Usually Follows the Car In Kansas

If you purchase auto insurance on your vehicle and you lend your vehicle to a friend with a license, that person is probably covered by your insurance. That includes your liability coverage, and it also includes your collision and comprehensive coverage if you have those.

Full Coverage

If you still owe money on your vehicle, your lender probably requires you to have full coverage auto insurance, which includes comprehensive and collision insurance. If you have full coverage, you also have minimum coverage that is higher than what the state requires.

  • Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if damage is caused by something other than a collision. If you hit a deer, or a tree falls on your car during a storm, comprehensive coverage is what will cover the damages.
  • Collision coverage repairs the damage to your own vehicle when you hit something. If you accidentally run into a fence or a tree, collision coverage protects you.

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Kansas drivers have a lot of options when it comes to auto insurance. You are required to carry liability and personal injury protection, but there are other important protections you can take advantage of. If you would like to discuss your options, or if you have any questions about Kansas auto insurance, please feel free to call Marla Williams Agency today.

Collision vs. Comprehensive Coverage – What’s the difference?

As a car owner in Kansas, it is always important to protect your car in case of accidents, theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. Insurance policies can be confusing, and two of the most commonly confused types of coverage are collision and comprehensive coverage. Marla Williams Agency compares collision and comprehensive coverage and explains when each type of coverage is applicable.

Auto Coverage Differences

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage pays for damage to your vehicle caused by an accident or collision with another car or object. If the damage is severe enough, collision coverage may pay for a replacement of your vehicle. Collision coverage is ideal for drivers who want car protection against car accidents. However, it is important to note that collision coverage is not designed to cover all types of damage. Collision coverage would not typically cover damage from theft or vandalism.

Comprehensive Coverage

Conversely, comprehensive coverage pays for damage to your vehicle caused by anything other than a collision. Comprehensive coverage can protect your car against damage from theft, fire, hail, vandalism, and even hitting an animal. Comprehensive coverage can also cover the replacement cost of your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Comprehensive coverage can also cover the replacement cost of your vehicle if it is stolen or damaged beyond repair. Comprehensive coverage is ideal for drivers living in high-risk areas.

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Understanding the difference between collisions and comprehensive coverage can help protect your vehicle and save you money on insurance premiums. If you are a Kansas driver who wants protection against accidents, collision coverage is the way to go. Comprehensive coverage may be necessary if you live in an area with high rates of theft, vandalism, or natural disasters. 

What is Collision Coverage?

Kansas is a no-fault state, which means that each motorist is responsible for paying for their own injuries and property damage, no matter who is to blame for the wreck. Drivers are required to have several types of insurance in the state of Kansas, but collision coverage is not one of them.

This protection is optional according to the law, but many people choose to purchase this protection for the benefits it offers.

This is because collision coverage will help drivers cover the costs related to their own car repairs in the event of an accident. This can be important if your vehicle is expensive and is paid off, as you could otherwise suffer a total loss with no recourse. Your policy will tend to pay for damages as long as they do not exceed your car’s actual cash value. 

You could also potentially collide with stationary objects, such as a mailbox, a pothole, or a post, and do significant damage to your car. Be sure to ask your Marla Williams Agency specialist for the details on what specific things will be included in your coverage. 

If you are currently carrying a balance on your automobile or if you are leasing, your lender will usually require you to purchase collision coverage, as this will help protect their financial investment. You will still be obligated to pay the deductible before your insurance makes any payments. 

When you take out a policy, generally speaking, your premiums will be affected by the dollar amount you set for your deductible. If you lower your deductibles, premiums tend to increase, and if you raise your deductibles, your premiums should be lower. 

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Required Auto Insurance in Kansas

When you drive a vehicle in Kansas, you are required to have an active auto insurance policy. This policy must have at least the types of coverage required by law as well as at least the minimum amount of each coverage type that is mandated. It is helpful to get other coverage in addition to what is required so that you are better covered against a wide range of risks. If you need an auto policy, don’t hesitate to call us at Marla Williams Agency in Kansas. 

Auto Insurance: What You Need To Know

Liability Insurance

There are two types of liability coverage that you have to have in your auto policy. These are bodily injury liability and property damage liability. The bodily injury coverage covers the injuries that happen to people who are injured in an accident that you caused. This does not include your own medical bills. The property damage coverage pays for someone else’s property damage that is caused by an accident you caused. It does not include any coverage for your own vehicle’s damage. It does, however, cover your legal expenses after the accident. 

Personal Injury Protection

This type of coverage is also required by law. It pays for the expenses incurred when you are in an accident. This includes your medical expenses, lost wages, and continuing medical care such as in-home help. This protection is given to you no matter whose fault the accident is. It also covers your passengers and their expenses. 

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Protection

This coverage pays for your expenses after you are in an accident caused by a motorist without insurance or without enough insurance. This also covers a hit-and-run driver as well as when you’re a pedestrian or bike rider. 

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What’s included in my Kansas auto insurance policy?

Auto insurance isn’t just a good idea. It’s the law.

Like most states, Kansas has specific requirements for auto insurance. Fortunately, Marla Williams Agency are skilled at navigating these guidelines. Using this experience, their agents share four items that must be included in any auto insurance policy.

Bodily injury Liability

Kansas mandates all drivers carry liability coverage. Bodily injury liability reimburses other people’s expenses if you are determined to be at fault in an accident. For any single person involved in an accident, the requirement is $25,000. A total of $50,000 is needed for all people. Known as "25/50," this is the absolute minimum amount required.

Property damage liability

Another form of liability protection, this coverage pays for damage to someone else’s property caused by you or your family. In addition to automobile damage, it also extends to the destruction of buildings, mailboxes, and other structures. Kansas requires $25,000 for property damage.

Personal injury protection

Personal injury protection (PIP) provides payments for expenses related to injury. Unlike liability, this applies to you or your passengers, no matter who is at fault. By law, drivers must carry $4,500 per person for medical expenses, $2,000 for funeral costs, and another $4,500 for rehabilitation bills. Kansas also enforces that drivers have $900 per month for disability or loss of income. Plus, $25 a day for in-home care services.

Uninsured Motorist Protection

Unfortunately, not everyone is as diligent about maintaining adequate coverage. If you are involved in an accident with an underinsured or uninsured motorist, this coverage helps recoup some of those costs. Like bodily injury liability, the state dictates a "25/50" distribution.

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How Auto Insurance Protects Your Family

Did you know that your auto insurance can protect your family in many ways? It’s true! And when you call us at Marla Williams Agency, you can learn more about your Kansas auto insurance policy and the unique benefits it provides. We’ve outlined a few of the most common advantages below.

Ways Your Policy Helps Your Family 

Over the years, auto insurance has changed to become more comprehensive and practical for various situations. As a result, many owners have found that their policy is appropriate for protecting their families from many dangers. Just a few of the most common to watch for include:

  • Covers Medical Payments – If your family are passengers in your car when you crash, your policy may cover their treatment, providing that your specific policy allows for this payment. 
  • Helps With Liability Claims – Serious crashes may result in lawsuits that could financially impact you and your family. Thankfully, your insurance policy can help ensure that you are safe. 
  • Replace Damaged Vehicles – When your car gets damaged in a crash, and you need to use it to get to work or school, your insurance policy will pay for repairs to keep you on the road. 

These simple levels of protection will vary based on your policy. Some will create a comprehensive level of care, while others may be more specific. As a result, it is essential to pay attention to the different options on the market and tweak your choices to find the best option.

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At Marla Williams Agency, we have years of experience providing Kansas residents with the kind of auto insurance policy that makes sense for their needs. We’ll do what we can to satisfy you and give you the type of long-term help necessary. 

5 Facts Every Driver Should Know About Auto Insurance

1. Higher Deductibles Mean Lower Premiums

Insurance companies set pricing based on the amount of money they believe they could have to pay. Consequently, if you agree to pay a higher portion of any damages by raising your collision and comprehensive deductibles, then you’ll be rewarded with a lower premium. If opting for this route, be sure you can comfortably afford to pay the higher deductible.

2. Your Car Makes a Difference

Many insurance companies use statistics from the Highway Loss Data Institute to set prices. For instance, if you drive a costly vehicle to maintain or are more likely to be stolen based on historical data, your premium will likely be higher. 

3. Safe Driving Matters

Drivers that do not have any claims on their policy history nor tickets from law enforcement will be rewarded with lower rates. 

4. Ask About Discounts

Even where you went to college can help you save money if that institution has an alumni discount with your insurance broker. Most insurance companies offer discounts for paying your policy in full, using electronic payments and not paper checks, car safety features like anti-theft devices, and a clean driving record. 

5. Credit Score Matters

The lower your credit score, the higher your policy premium may be because insurance companies will deem you as riskier to insure because of the risk that you won’t pay your policy premium.

At the Marla Williams Agency in Kansas, our knowledgeable and friendly team of insurance professionals is ready to assist in finding you the perfect auto insurance policy for your needs. Working across our network of reliable insurance companies, you can feel confident that we’ll find a policy that meets your expectations within your budget. Give us a call today to learn more.