Which type of life insurance is right for your family?

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Different types of life insurance

There are two main types of life insurance: term and permanent. As the names suggest, a term policy is in place for a specified period of time, such as 15 or 30 years. A permanent policy is in force for your entire life. Of course, these parameters are only in place when the policyholder stays current with their premium payments. 

With a permanent policy, you can have peace of mind knowing that your family or surviving spouse is protected. A term policy is utilized to cover burial costs and other end-of-life expenses for many. There are pros and cons to each type of policy.

When you work with a local insurance agent, you get the benefit of having a firsthand resource and an advocate. Navigating all of the life insurance options and policy amounts can make the selection process a bit overwhelming. If you want to find the policy that best meets your needs and those of your family, it only makes sense to work with someone who knows you and your needs.

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Benefits of whole-life policies

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Understanding whole-life insurance policies

Life insurance is an important and effective way to protect your family, no matter what the future may hold. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of policies available, we are here to help.

With a whole-life policy, you are able to accumulate a cash value within the policy in addition to providing a death benefit to your survivors. This cash can be accessed during your lifetime and can be used for a variety of different expenses.

If you want to purchase a larger family home or have college tuition fees and expenses, the cash value of your policy will come in very handy! This money can be used to help your children while you are still alive. Imagine the joy that your family will share when you use the funds to pay for your child’s wedding. Or, you can help your child with the down payment when it is time for them to purchase their first home. These funds would also be beneficial when it comes time for you to retire.

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Types of Life Insurance

Basics of Life Insurance

When you purchase life insurance, your policy establishes a contract between you and the insurance company to provide a lump-sum payment upon your death to your beneficiary in exchange for your timely payment of premiums. The Marla Williams Agency of Kansas wants you to understand that within that essential framework, you have many choices, beginning with whether you choose a term or permanent policy.

Those two main types of life insurance cover you for a different time period.

  • Term life: a term policy remains active for the specific time period enumerated in the policy documents. This typically refers to 10, 20, or 30 years.
  • Permanent life: a permanent policy remains active while the policyholder pays the premiums. When the policyholder either dies or surrenders the policy, it ceases to exist.

Term policies

With a term policy, you can pick from a level term or increasing term policy. The former refers to a policy with premiums that always stay the same. The latter refers to a premium that increases as you age.

Permanent policies

Most permanent policies require a monthly or quarterly premium payment. Still, you can purchase a single premium policy for which you pay the entire premium up-front in a lump sum.

You could choose a whole policy with a cash value account that lets you save part of your monthly premium in a money market or investment account. A universal life policy features a cash value account that earns interest. You can adjust the premiums and death benefits during the policy’s life. You might choose a variable universal policy, so you can save in your cash-value account and grow it by investing it, or an indexed universal policy with a cash value account that earns interest or invests using a fixed rate return or an equity-indexed rate of return.

You can also obtain permanent policies without a cash-value account, such as the guaranteed universal policy, which charges lower premiums than a typical whole life policy. If you have a pre-existing medical condition that has precluded you from obtaining life insurance, choose a guaranteed issue policy. It only pays accidental death in the first two years, but after that, you receive coverage for any death type except suicide.

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When should you review your life insurance coverage

Life insurance needs to be tailored to your particular needs. What is right for one person would be all wrong for another. Having an insurance agent who knows you and your needs can make buying life insurance much easier. In Kansas, the Marla Williams Agency is locally owned and operated and dedicated to providing the service our customers deserve. 

Life insurance needs variation over your life. From time to time, it makes sense to look at your coverage and make sure it meets your needs and the needs of any dependents and loved ones who count on you. 

When you change employment

If you are like many people, you have life insurance as a part of a benefits package. When you change positions, you may be able to keep your insurance at your own cost. You should contact an insurance agent to determine if it is worth paying for. You may be able to get a better deal, or you may get insurance from your new employer. Keep in mind most policies won’t pay out for up to two years, and that could leave your dependents with no protection. 

When you get married 

When you get married, you need to change the beneficiary on your insurance policy. It is a good time to consider whether you need to add additional insurance. If you have purchased a home and plan on having a family, your insurance needs will be growing. 

When you retire

By the time you retire, you may not need the same amount of life insurance you needed when you had a young family. It would be best if you had enough to take care of final expenses and keep your spouse or partner in their current position. 

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