Do I need to have insurance on my classic car in Kansas before I have it road worthy?

There are a lot of reasons to own a classic car. Some people buy them because of the sense of nostalgia, reminding them of days gone by. Other people enjoy the community of classic car enthusiasts and the many fun events. Others simply like classic cars because they are beautiful. 

If you own a classic car in Kansas, you are in a special class.

You have something few people do, and you know when you drive your car that people are looking at you with envy. You obviously need insurance if you are driving on a public road in Kansas. But do you need to protect your vehicle before you have restored your vehicle to the point where you can drive it? Marla Williams Agency can answer all your questions and help you decide how much protection you need.

Classic car insurance tends to be less expensive than regular car insurance in Kansas because most people don’t drive their classic cars every day. Even when your vehicle is not on the road, there are other ways that your car could be damaged. Even if you keep your vehicle in a storage space or garage, there could be a fire or other disaster due to weather. Your vehicle could also be the victim of a crime if someone decides to vandalize your vehicle or steal it.

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Because of its value and because it is a motor vehicle, it is unlikely that your home insurance will cover damages if your classic car suffers damages while in storage. Even if you have not finished making your car roadworthy, you still need protection. If you have any questions or want to learn how reasonable classic car insurance can be, please call Marla Williams Agency today.