Is there a mileage limit on classic car insurance?

Classic cars need special insurance coverage to protect them from risks on and off the road. However, classic car insurance is different than regular auto insurance. The insurance company bases its cover on the assessed value of the car. Additionally, some stipulations for coverage may include limiting the mileage annually. If you need classic car insurance, let the experts at Marla Williams Agency, serving the residents of Kansas, help you get the ideal coverage. 

Classic Car Coverage

Classic car coverage varies with each company. Many companies may limit the number of miles you drive each year. That’s because it’s standard practice to limit the mileage to less than 5,000 miles yearly to maintain the vehicle’s value. Not all insurance companies have a mileage limit, however. 

If you need classic car insurance, our experts can help. We can work closely with the classic car owner to determine which policies offer the best coverage. Remember that selecting the right policy is vitally important to ensure you get the best level of protection. That’s why you need our agents’ expert insight and customer support service. They know the ins and outs of classic car insurance and can make sure you understand the policy terms and conditions. 

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