Does My Homeowners Policy Cover Garage Door Damage Caused By My Car?

People often wonder whether or not their home insurance covers their autos while they are in their driveway. In simple terms, the answer is no, they don’t. This holds true even if a falling tree, fire, flooding, or hail cause the damage. Rather, the comprehensive portion of your homeowner’s insurance will cover these perils.

Because it’s a part of the home, garage door damage is covered under standard policies. If you accidentally back into the garage door with your car, the damage should be covered depending on a few circumstances. If you have an attached garage, coverage is provided under the dwelling coverage. If the garage is detached, it will be covered by other structures coverage, requiring a supplemental policy added to an existing one. If home insurance doesn’t cover the garage doors, you can file a claim with your car insurance company.

Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover Tree Damage to Garages?

Your insurance will not cover a fallen tree that hits your garage belonging to you. However, if a neighbor has a tree fall on your garage, the neighbor’s policy is likely to cover it if you can prove that their negligence is responsible for the tree.

If Goods Are Stolen From My Auto, Will My Insurance Cover the Losses

Your home policy will cover replacement costs for goods stolen from your vehicle, whether it’s garaged or not, but only up to the property coverage limits the policy entails. A few inclusions are golf clubs, laptops, and other possessions taken during a vehicle break-in. Once you pay the deductible, the remaining balance is paid by your policy.

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