Four Priorities When You’re Buying Classic Car Insurance

Unlike standard insurance that covers Blue Book value, a classic car insurance policy will protect the actual value of your vintage vehicle. These policies are designed to cover high-value vehicles that aren’t used for daily use. Marla Williams Agency in Kansas is here to assist you navigate this coverage.

When buying a policy, here are four priorities:

1. Choose a Policy With Agreed-Value Coverage

It’s wise to invest in an agreed-upon value policy versus an actual cash value policy to make sure you’re getting adequate coverage. Agree-value policies ensure that you won’t be compensated much less than your auto, as depreciation isn’t factored in.

2. Include Inflation Protection

Should the agreed value of your classic car be totaled, inflation protection will cover the adjusted amount. This ensures that you’ll receive a definite monetary value back rather than the original agreed-upon value.

3. Know Any Mileage Limits Included In Your Policy

Quite a few classic auto insurance policies have mileage limitations. For example, you might only be allowed to drive the vehicle within a certain number of miles during a set period to keep the policy in effect. Knowing these limitations helps ensure that you don’t go beyond them and ultimately lose coverage.

4. Get Customizations & Modifications Covered

If you make customized changes, modifications, or upgrades to your classic car, be sure to let your agent know. This allows your agent to include any increases in value to your agreed-upon value, and this can affect your bottom line payout should the vehicle get stolen, damaged, or totaled.

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Classic Car Auto Policy

If you want to get personalized attention to put an ideal custom car insurance policy for your classic vehicle, we’re here to help. Just contact the Marla Williams Agency in Kansas, and we’ll get you the coverage you need.