5 Facts Every Driver Should Know About Auto Insurance

1. Higher Deductibles Mean Lower Premiums

Insurance companies set pricing based on the amount of money they believe they could have to pay. Consequently, if you agree to pay a higher portion of any damages by raising your collision and comprehensive deductibles, then you’ll be rewarded with a lower premium. If opting for this route, be sure you can comfortably afford to pay the higher deductible.

2. Your Car Makes a Difference

Many insurance companies use statistics from the Highway Loss Data Institute to set prices. For instance, if you drive a costly vehicle to maintain or are more likely to be stolen based on historical data, your premium will likely be higher. 

3. Safe Driving Matters

Drivers that do not have any claims on their policy history nor tickets from law enforcement will be rewarded with lower rates. 

4. Ask About Discounts

Even where you went to college can help you save money if that institution has an alumni discount with your insurance broker. Most insurance companies offer discounts for paying your policy in full, using electronic payments and not paper checks, car safety features like anti-theft devices, and a clean driving record. 

5. Credit Score Matters

The lower your credit score, the higher your policy premium may be because insurance companies will deem you as riskier to insure because of the risk that you won’t pay your policy premium.

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