Optional Coverage for Your Classic Automobile

A standard classic car insurance policy offers basic protection for your cherished vehicle against theft and damage. But did you know that several optional coverage types can give your classic car the comprehensive shield it truly deserves? Let’s take a closer look at these extended coverage types for classic automobiles.

Coverage for Spare Parts and Tools

Your classic car insurance is not limited to the vehicle alone. It can cover spare parts and tools. Owning additional parts and tools can come quite in handy. Hence, covering these items becomes essential. This coverage type steps in to replace or repair any stolen or damaged materials.

Coverage for Disabled Vehicle

This optional coverage can be invaluable if your classic car breaks down. The coverage pays for towing, gas, oil, and other essentials needed to revive your vehicle. If you drive your classic car long distances, having disabled vehicle coverage is worth considering.

Coverage for Vehicle Under Construction

If you’re in the process of restoring or repairing your vehicle, coverage for the vehicle under construction can be beneficial. It increases the cover amount while you restore your vehicle, protecting new and used automotive parts during the process.

Memorabilia Coverage

This coverage protects unique items like mirrors, visors, rims, emblems, and other custom parts you’ve purchased for your classic vehicle. Before opting for this coverage, it’s recommended that you inventory the memorabilia you own, record the information, and keep it with your insurance paperwork.

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