Unique Liability Tow Truck Driving Insurance Will Cover in Kansas

When you drive a tow truck in Kansas, you have unique liabilities that other vehicles just don’t have. By providing this critical service to Kansas residents in need, you assume responsibilities that the average business wouldn’t.

At Marla Williams Agency, we want Kansas tow truck drivers to have all the liability protection they need. Be sure that you are covered for every liability possible.

Towed Vehicles Liabilities

You will need to have towing insurance that comes with garage coverage when you offer a tow truck service. Should a vehicle of any kind become damaged while you are caring for it, you don’t want to be liable for that damage. Having a thorough tow truck driving insurance policy will help protect you against any possible problem here.

Collision Coverage

As a responsible tow truck driver, every time you tow a vehicle, you will be thinking of that liability the entire time. You will want to have collision coverage in the event that you get into an accident while you are towing someone else’s vehicle. 

General tow truck insurance along with additional collision liability coverage will help. You’ll want that coverage for your own vehicle, and for someone else’s.

Wrongful Repossession Insurance

Unfortunately, one of the jobs you have as a tow truck driver is towing repossessed vehicles. Sometimes that happens by mistake. That is called wrongful repossession.

There is insurance coverage for that. This will protect you from any legal liabilities when you tow the wrong vehicle or tow one by mistake.

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When you drive a tow truck in Kansas, you have unique liabilities that many other businesses don’t. At Marla Williams Agency, we want all Kansas tow truck drivers to be protected against every potential liability, of which there are many. To update your policy or get a new one, call us for a quote today.