Ways To Increase Employee Retention

Employee retention has become a real issue for employers in the last five years. Finding ways to increase employee retention will be essential to your overall success. Here at Marla Williams Agency, we want to help Kansas employers overcome these challenges.

Here are some ways to increase employee retention:

Mental Health Services 

Everyone is dealing with increased amounts of stress today, and this stress is compounded by the difficulty of finding and affording quality mental health care or counseling. Considering that work stress is high on the list of factors contributing to mental health challenges, it stands to reason that employers who provide mental health services on-site, for free, or for reduced rates will send the message to employees that your mental health matters.

When employees feel that these types of needs are important to their employer and that the employer is actively seeking ways to meet those needs, they want to stick around. 

Healthy De-escalation Practices

Many employees leave jobs because of a particular event that felt like it was too much to handle or because of a series of events that were not handled properly. These types of problems often have a root in poor de-escalation practices as a whole. How tense situations are handled in the workplace becomes an integral part of your company culture. The employees recognize this over time.

Having poor de-escalation practices as a whole makes for an insecure work environment where employees do not feel safe to voice opinions, problems or confront situations. This can lead to a high turnover rate for you as the employer. 

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